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Price: £20, pay on the day

Arrival from 8am Sunday morning, game on will likely be around 9:30/10.

BB's and Pyro can be bought on the day. Spartan Airsoft is a Bio only site and they will only allow you to use the Green Devil brand bio bb's as they have been verified as bio.

Good catering facilities are on site along with male and female toilets.

The game is being organised by Spartan Airsoft and some players. It will be held at Spartan Airsoft's site in Lulsgate. It is a fantastic, huge site with a variety of terrain, natural and man made obstacles (See site photos thread).

It is the first time the site has held a WW2 event and so the scenario has been created to allow a wide variety of sides to play. Wehrmact forces will face Allies from both the east and west (Yanks, Brits and Soviets).

Event facebook page:

Facebook page for newly created 'Spartan battlesim' group: We are looking to organise a series of events this summer of varying periods at Spartan Airsoft.

... 061877653/

We're really excited about this event and have a lot of props and surprises for the day. See you on the 29th!

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