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As WWII draws to a close, the Reich begins to collapse inwards under unrelenting pressure from the USSR in the East and The Allies in the West. Now only Germany and its last few remaining allies desperately attempt to halt their inevitable defeat.
Retreating back towards the heart of Nazi Germany with remnants of the Wehrmacht are the members of the Nazi Special Sciences Abteilung. They have had to abandon most of their research facilities, but not their work on Uranprojekt; the Nazi nuclear weapon program. Their breakthroughs in military technology have kept Germany fighting in the war and now their creations and the scientists themselves are up for grabs by the soon-to-be victorious Allied powers.

On the German-Austrian border near Czechoslovakia is one of the last remaining secret underground-research facilities still controlled by the Germans; Kriegwald forest. Surviving members of the Nazi physics division have gathered at the Kriegwald forest facility in a last-ditch attempt to create a working atomic weapon. Hastily scratched-together German forces have dug-in around the perimeter, hoping to buy the scientists enough time to complete the project; forces made up from various battlegroups, including Luftwaffe, Heer and SS have been dispatched along with local Volkssturm to guard the Physicists as they work.

While the Western and Eastern Allies meet each other in Austria under friendly terms, forward elements of these armies are combing the Reich for Nazi scientists and the secret projects they have been working on. Allied Generals and Politicians are eager to see what secrets a facility such as Kriegwald might contain.

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