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Did you order from sabre during the postal strike?

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If so have you received your bits?

its been almost 4 weeks now. The reason I ask is I spoke to the chap who apparently processes the orders(whilst nick was away) and he said he never saw my order but ring monday when Nick got back.

Rang Nick and despite the other chaps concerns he seemed to think the order got processed and told me to wait a few days.

almost 2 weeks now since the 2nd call and still no package. Just rang again and inquired if he could check the card receipts to which he said well apparently theres so many million parcels being sorted from a warehouse in london so please wait another week then if it hasnt arrived we'll start again.

Normally I'd check at my bank to see if its been charged but im no where near a branch for a while during business hours, and I have a funny feeling its not been processed as the other chap said.

So Im curious have any of the rest of you who ordered from sabre during the strike received your stuff?

I wouldnt mind but I dont actually want the stuff so I need to know whether its actually been charged and sent as bodgeups wants it if it has.

Topic starter Posted : 30/10/2007 12:30 pm