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Gunman in WW2

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So, we have 7 people booked on for Bagration lol.

If this doesn't improve by Friday Im going to pull the event and be stepping out of WW2 airsoft main events. Its been a great decade of War but we used to run epic 100+ player battles all over the country, but with the trend now being one day and a large number not willing to travel more than an hour from home its no longer viable. We can't afford the sites.

Lets see what happens.

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Topic starter Posted : 05/09/2016 3:33 pm
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The player base has changed dramatically over the last couple of years Josh and, many, if not all, of the "old guard" have moved on to other things, or, quit airsoft altogether. The "success" of a game now seems to depend on groups of players booking for it, rather than ones and two's who come to see their mates and, the sense of community seems to be missing. I've certainly not seen anything on the calendar that appeals to me and, my mates have all but gone from WW2 now.

I personally prefer the 2 day/weekend format, as it's got a greater sense of immersion and a better pace to it, as well as mor opportunities to meet and make friends. One day WW2 games are too skirmish like for me but, I seem to be in a minority these days.

When I want your opinion - I'll tell you what it is!

Posted : 11/09/2016 8:08 pm
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I think there are several points in which things have changed ,largely as Josh pointed out there's a move away from two day events towards one day events ,it seems the way player base want's to go and fighting against what the players want makes little sense and detracts little from the experience except only having camping social on only one night rather than two.
From my experience players will travel to the right event but you have to offer more than just shooting at each other ,I think we all like an event that has more structure otherwise we'd still be going to walk on days ,people just won't show up for a blat fest or a game that is just like the last one .
Josh has been a motivator and entry into WW2 for a lot of players ,I like you as a person and I hope you can take this as constructive not abuse ,the last two gunman games I've been to at the Watford site followed exactly the same route around the site with little innovation .
Partly also your website is ,well I can't find anything I'm looking for, it chaotic and your presence on this forum is sporadic ,I'm sorry if I've offended you as that's the last thing I wanted to do ,I want nothing but success for you and I'd hate to see you leave the WW2 scene.

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Posted : 11/09/2016 8:51 pm
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Well, you reap what you sow - I've been watching the prep for the upcoming Vierville game and it is all looking mighty impressive and, were circumstances different, I'd have booked on myself. The organisers have been proactive and engaged with the player base and unsurprisingly sold out a long time ago. And this is the way it used to be. Chucking up a game date and then expecting players to book in droves is doomed to failure, as it looks like a dead game from the start.

There are many niche airsoft game genres around these days which has made it harder to make games viable, numbers-wise - all the more reason for organisers to put more effort into publicity and make games look like they are worth the effort of going to (and they almost always are, of course).

Posted : 12/09/2016 12:20 pm
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Cheers guys and totally understand the 'keep em excited' effort to running the events. Ive never been much for that however and always been straight to the point with information. I run too many events and always have done to be able to spend loads of time on any one events, but my upkeep on the ww2 events has been pretty bad this last year. I should have at least kept the booking lists up to date.

Dadio, totally agree with your statement about Westwood, though the games were totally different in objectives to each other, the site did seem to play out very similarly. Its one of the reasons I wanted to change the Theatre all together and go with an Eastern front scenario but it didn't appeal. Organisers also get enthused by the people that get excited about there games, its not a one way street, if guys had got excited, I would have too. As you said david, it was dead before it started really

Well, all good here. Ill have a break from WW2 airsoft for a bit and look again at next year. Their has been an interest in Milsim WW2 and I have enough kit to field 60 players, 30 a side lol. Maybe ill go down that route. We will be running Ops weekends however, as the last was was awesome fun.

Cheers as always for all your support.

Heer Schmidt

Topic starter Posted : 14/09/2016 10:54 am