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sorry just seen this,
yes the new rubber we have used for approx 4-5 weeks is floppyer than the old,
we found this out the hard way at the W&P show, when they hit approx 25c they get rather floppy
ok in colder temps, but defo not in hot
so we,r redoing them in the old,
we were recomended this new rubber mix by the suplyers as the old we had to pre heat the molds,
this was an extra time but mostly because of the much reduced mold life,

they will get harder with age, but if your not happy please return them and we,l send a new one etc,
just a hickup at our end and we,r very sorry for if you got a floppy one ;)

and yes before any one else says it, they need a small blue pill,

drop me a line and we,l sort you out if your pissed off :)


team shoot and scoot, TL

Posted : 25/07/2014 4:51 pm
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RBJ plastics in harefield on woodcock hill sell the pultruded weapon spines in 6 m lengths
If you call them they can cut to length then post, you can sand the burs off and lay in to any ether based foam , Plastazote is good, go for 45 grade not 33 as it's easier to cut.
I was a weapon maker for huge larp systems for many years until 9 years ago.

loads o guides online

a really clear american one

and this is quite good. ... lades.html

Some stuff is awkward to get hold of especially core (kite or umbrella fiberglass rod or carbon fiber rod i usually store up)

plastazote if making quality (your yoga mats are often this) or callogen mat (camping mat) if not making best quality ... hp?key=261

isoflex primer ... primer.htm

other than that you need latex, evostick, evostic cleaner, brushes, loads of scaples, talcum powder. acrylic paint.


Posted : 31/07/2014 10:33 pm
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