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Its nearly time already?! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay rifles game!
:happyclap: :happyclap: :happyclap: :happyclap: :happyclap: :happydance: :happydance: :happyswing:
...that excited.

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Posted : 18/09/2015 3:22 pm

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oh there is nothing as tedious as ability, don't worry ;)

Finally getting to the writing point where I am enjoying it, it was rather late coming but pushes my excitement up a little bit.

Thanks, I'm sure I'll learn fast :D

Posted : 18/09/2015 5:18 pm

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I will be something.

This is good.


Posted : 18/09/2015 8:10 pm

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Are we pubbing it Saturday night?

Posted : 18/09/2015 10:14 pm

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Are we pubbing it Saturday night?

after game on sunday, tonight is still up in the air.

Posted : 19/09/2015 9:51 am

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We'll I'll plan for both but hope for pub :D

Posted : 19/09/2015 9:54 am

Universal Gunner
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I have been looking forward to this game all year. Many people have tried to sway me with invitations both for tonight and tomorrow but I was resolute in my determination. This morning as I sorted my pea green webbing, kilt and Tam O'Shanter and, booked my hotel for Leicester so I would be bright and not too late tomorrow my excitement rose to 10.

This general feeling of bonhomie pushed me to say "Yes of course I'll help with the garden and in particular to pull that very stubborn tree/bush thing out". The result is now pain 10 and disappointment 11. Three hours in the bath and the best knocked off painkillers I could find and I have to be realistic and say my back is in a state that I will unfortunately not be attending tomorrow after all. If I was to attend I would present such an upright, moany, slow moving target with even less stealth and surprise than I normally possess that the course of the war would undoubtedly be altered in a non favourable direction.

I am so desperately sorry, as everyone has said this game is a high point of the year, and beyond the game I am also very upset not to be able to see everyone.

I hope it goes well. Have fun.


I have a small skewer hidden in the collar of my jumping jacket, and a razorblade in my gaiter, as well as my knife.

Posted : 19/09/2015 4:24 pm

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That's shite luck, it would've been nice to see you. I hope your back starts to feel better soon.

Posted : 19/09/2015 4:38 pm

Joseph Porta
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Shite Charlie

The curse of the bad back

Pulled mine out Thursday , I will be limping and slouching round site , but I'll be painkillered up and will manage

Me Chris and Matt have been talking about it all week and are all defiantly 10 on the excitement level.

We are driving down about 430an so we have a two hour window to account for any traffic problems

See you all in the morning

"Take that you rotton helping of strawberry flan!"
Joseph Porta to "strawberrys and cream", in the sven hassel book ,ogpu prison

Posted : 19/09/2015 5:15 pm

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Bad luck Charlie, hope you recover quickly.

All packed and ready to go, just need to make my sandwiches.

See you all tomorrow.


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Posted : 19/09/2015 6:28 pm

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Apologies but I'll not be there tomorrow either, I'm having problems with my car and it's unlikely to be sorted by tomorrow morning. Enjoy the day all.

Posted : 19/09/2015 7:15 pm

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