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Rules For Le Château: Operation Dirty Dozen - 3rd June 2012

1. Weapons

Any WW2 era Airsoft weapon is allowed. Players can choose the weapon they prefer, SMG, LMG, Rifle, Pistol or SOFT Close combat LARP weapons

The ammunition load is 600 bb`s Per life.
Support weapons (Mg42, MG34, Bren, .30 cal, ) must be fired from a deployed position, no firing from the hip, or on the move.
Support weapons have 1200 bb`s per life.

The FPS limit for all weapons is 350 FPS with a .20g BB. (This is due to the close urban nature of the site.)

Bolt action rifles OVER 350 FPS BUT UNDER 500 FPS may be used OUTSIDE ONLY and then with a MINIMUM engagement rage of 25m
Those with rifles like this using gas (Tanaka rifles) would be under the 350 limit is used with HFC 134A gas ONLY. (red gas, ultra and green are out)

People using bolt actions running over 350 FPS will find there use severely limited on this site, and id recommend useing it Sub 350 if you can.

Short bursts are fine, please don't give someone a 20 round burst, 5 or 6 rounds will do.

If you sneak up on an opponent, Shoot them with 1 round only. A nice way is to melee kill you opponent by touching them with a open hand softley, or with a SOFT larp type weapon (rubber knife, axe, hammer or even a sausage!

2. Stealth Kills

If you get the chance for a stealth kill, (the enemy is alone and doesn't see you until you touch them with an open hand or SOFT weapon) then whisper "STEALTH KILL" the enemy should then lie down quietly, and do nothing to alert their team. do not regen or move until the stealth killers are clear. (They were good enough to get you! Give them the chance to continue and get clear before regening)

The idea is to tap them, not knock them out!

Here is a short clip showing first how NOT to do it, then how to do it

The first stealth kill is done wrongly, using a HARD object (a cast iron frying pan) and a full power blow. This is wrong and you would be committing an assault.

The second stealth kill immediately afterwards is done correctly, using a SOFT object ( a foam sausage) and just skimming the victim, a "soft" touch. This is what we want

3. Bandages/Medic

Any player can apply a bandage to another wounded player.
Melee Kills, kill instantly and do not count as wounds
BB fire on the first instance is a wound, then bandage. A second hit you are killed and must regen att your base.

When hit, FALL TO THE FLOOR, and SHOUT "HIT" "ARRGH" "MEDIC" Let the person know they hit you, then they wont shoot again.
So many times over the years ive seen players just walk off, pissed at being shot, but because the shooter doesn't see a signal of a hit, they shoot again. PLEASE show that your hit, it saves so much trouble.

We prefer the lie down on your back rule as it shows your hit clearly. lying down on your back with hands in the air is a very clear sign your not shooting back! (keep arms over your face if you fall in a hot firefight, OR raise your hands and run out of the line of fire shouting " HIT HIT HIT" as loud as you can, the lie down in a safe place.
Once the shooting dies down, then regen at base as normal

4. Pyro................ Pyro is being discussed with the site owners at present. BFGs are allowed up to 9mm, but under arm only. Chemical pyro, will probably be allowed, but we have to source it, and confirm its safty with the site owner

5: You have to be over 16 with an adult, or 18 on your own (for the Anarchy event, other events depend on the individual site rules)

6: ENJOY YOURSELF. get in to the mindset of the ww2 filmsim event. There is no such thing as Overacting. Just have FUN and be safe. Dont do to others what you wouldnt like done to yourself.

7: Don't be a Bell End! This rule covers everything. Before you do anything, think to yourself,"Would this be seen as a thing a BELL END would do?" if it is, then you shouldnt be doing it.

Which means, effectively, respect your fellow players and organisers, be considerate of their experience as well as yours and use your common sense.


All German soldiers start the game with only 50 rounds of ammunition on their person.
This can be in any configuration, between main weapon and pistol. but a total of 50.
Upon your first death, on return to the German barracks, you may load up to the normal capacity.
Then full capacity for the rest of the game.

This rule is to simulate sentry's and off duty soldiers who rarely carry a full ammo load.

........ ALL PLAYERS PLEASE READ..............

The resistance will be given a large amount of autonomy in this game.
All civilian players will carry papers and an armband of the resistance.

All civilians remain so, and cannot be attacked unless one of the following things happens

They shoot any kind of weapon
They are caught carrying a firearm (bb weapon)
They are SEEN attacking a German soldier with a melee attack
They choose to come "out" as a resistance fighter

Once this happens, they MUST WEAR THEIR ARMBAND.
This apply s for the rest of the game, once "out" as a resistance member your permanently hostile and a combatant!

This allows each individual resistance player the choice to play the game as THEY like.
Lots of role play, and espionage is great, or straight out and in to combat as a fighter, or a mix of the two, the choice is totally up to the player.

The one exception to this is, if a resistance player stealth kills a German, Unseen by any other Germans or Gestapo, they carry on with normal civilian life. (the killed german needs to play fair, and not reveal the identity of their killer, please)

American Troops

Reconnaissance is the key. Do not engage the germans untill the objectives are clear.
When the tasks are clear, strike hard. Untill then, remain hidden.
Due to the secret nature of the orders, American troops will be briefed on the day by the US commander


MORE RULES AND UPDATES TO FOLLOW, AS AND WHEN I CAN GET TIME TO POST THEM. (bloody nippers keep mithering, and i want to save the thread so far )

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