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[Sticky] Lost and Found

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Myself and Lardy had a full site clean up walk round before we left and found a few items in field.

1) Tim we have found your MG42 ammo tin mate and please PM me to sort out getting it back to you.

2) Following items found at Artillery store/ kill house area:

Finally guys if there is anything else anyone has lost on site please message me so if Tony can keep an eye out or has it handed in by one of his players we can sort getting it back to you.

Topic starter Posted : 15/09/2013 1:41 pm

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I recognise those small Garand magazines! They're from the gun that I sold to Craig.

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Posted : 15/09/2013 1:45 pm

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I lost my wooden spoon (tucked into my boot), and although I had a fairly good trawl around, couldn't find it.

Not much chance of it turning up now, but you never know...


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Posted : 15/09/2013 1:47 pm

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I recognise those small Garand magazines! They're from the gun that I sold to Craig.

Yeah, those are mine - they were the two I was desperately re-loading by hand before someone uncouthly threw a grenade in and killed us - we held quite well for a guy with a bolt action and a guy out of ammo.

I could get them back from Lardy/Josh at Flying Lead if that is easy/possible.

Posted : 15/09/2013 1:59 pm

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I lost my pipe :( , it's a slim chance that anyone will find it but one can hope!

It's a small straight pipe with squared off edges to the bowl and some gold lettering on the side.

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Posted : 16/09/2013 10:37 am