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Hello guys,

Having been following all the comments coming I think I will post up a statement myself here separate from main feedback comments, thats for you guys. I want to do this for two reasons, firstly to send out my thanks list and secondly to address all the feedback and i can do this in a section that everyone can easily see and don't have to make way through multiple pages before they come across it.

Now I would like to make it clear is these are my comments and I believe if he wants to Rich can do the same.

The thanks list:

Lardy, mate it was a pleasure to work with you and I am looking forward to the ideas we can come up for the next one.

Tony & Hazel, To be honest I don't think I have ever been to a site where the operators have been more helpful and welcoming to the players. The guy couldn't do enough for us and Hazel supplying the cooking was just brilliant.

Neil(Boshman), saved the day by stepping into the role of German CO, we would have been stuck otherwise.

Josh(Gunman), for helping out with props and hire gear, a gent as always.

You the players, without you it would have been pointless so thank you for coming and giving us your support. thought you all gave and therefore got something out of the game. A bigger thanks goes to the squad leaders and guys who volunteered for specialist roles, great to have guys willing to carry out these roles always will be a great help.

Right now on to the main part, I would like to thank you all for your comments both be they glowing or ones that have offered constructive criticism. I value both equally and although it seems that most people had a good event I would quickly like to address some of the points that have been raised:

1) Site to game plan dynamic, maybe we could have used a different system for the site but this is something we can register for next event to give this a lot more thought as its a system that we believed most players would be used to and although it was tweaked in places would give the less confusion to proceedings and allow games to flow a bit more throughout the day.

2) The ammo limit, We put this in place due to the size of the site and it again seemed to work for the most part. maybe a slight confusion for some with the token system but the only way we could have gotten a greater control over this is to make the whole event limited and supply all ammo ourselves (but Wladek already runs games with this system so successfully we wanted to provide a middle ground for those who are used to a larger limit per life. It seems in the feedback that maybe players who have been dismissive or doubtful of lower limit games have seen that it can work and maybe are more likely to be accepting to other such games in the future.) but with the limitations of numbers and therefore budget we it was something that would not have been an option to supply the whole supply of ammo but we rely on the players to police themselves and if some were gaining advantage then thats something that may have to be addressed a little.

3) The AT guns, I know they are great props in field and i do fully appreciate that if both sides don't tune into their use it becomes frustrating. Again if budget allowed we would have had used Josh mortars with dual stage pyro so they would have had an actual ,ore effect with a ranged charge being shot out. again a lesson learned.

4) The actual movement of the Russian forces. We had full intention of moving and swapping units around. we were going to do this when we brought units in for their bite to eat and drink but it became obvious that the way the assault was coming in that at some point the units that were on the flanks at some point would be on the quiet end and couldn't really swap it as that would have meant one unit would have probably seen no action at all and that would be unfair. The last section were after the Russians were bumped out of the store artillery area we gave you the option to go on the offensive a bit, but this was basically the back up plan if everything else we assigned to the Germans was carried out too quickly so hopefully it gave everyone a chance to get so more action in.

5) Cheating issues, as we know this can make or break an event but on the large part I believe this was not an issue apart from what seems one or two incidents. of these only one was actually brought to my attention and we will deal with it for future so all i can do is apologise but that kind of thing is out of our control.

6) The building after AT gun take out, This is one that i will throw my hands up and say i got wrong i should had made sure the way the building was to be played was clear to everyone. the building itself was to be considered to be a collapsed ruin so that the exterior could still be used as cover but nobody could enter the building itself so was not expecting people to pretend it wasn't there. so the confusion was due to second hand information being passed between players so that one yeah i totally got wrong.

The last things i would like to bring is that if people were to bring their concerns to us during the event then maybe there would be something we could do about it and we have learnt so much from the weekend that we will put into use for the future.
I hope I have answered the concerns to the best of my ability and laid any niggles to rest.
again guys i would like to thank you all for what a very enjoyable first outing and i hope you all are able to attend our next installment.

with thanks


Topic starter Posted : 15/09/2013 8:49 pm
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I'll simply put my thanks down here which is really just echoing what Kieran has already said. I'll address any issues in the other thread to give a chance for comeback.

Firstly to thanks everyone that came and supported the event, obviously couldn't have done it without you. The scernario and rules were followed well with everyone embracing their given role. Barring a few issues and a couple of ideas that didn't work the general concensus seems to be that people enjoyed themselves and had a good day which makes our efforts worthwhile. To those that didn't I can only appologise and promise to improve for next time. A special mention to Jonny for the help friday and being the only player to keep us company Saturday night.

Thanks Tony and Hazel of course. We could not have been more welcoming and helpful. A brilliant set up you have and I hope it continues to go well. Good lck with getting that new site.

Neil for his sterling work as Germans CO. You did a fantastic job at pretty short notice. Thanks for the additonal props as well.

Finally thanks to Josh, Tim, Rich and Gordon for the extra props & kit. All the little things soon add up to making our lives easier.

Posted : 16/09/2013 9:40 am