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Kit suggestions and Kit List

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I have attached a basic 36 hour check list for kit that we suggest you take on a long game. I understand that some of it includes modern (or brand names) but the idea is to encourage you to think about what you need to take and what you can leave behind.

As Daz has mentioned previously we highly recommend taking with you some form of "blow out" kit. We would encourage you to have on your person (for example in a webbing pouch or in a pocket) a handful of items that could get you out of trouble if you are alone.

I would suggest:

    Head torch
    Foil Blanket
    Small knife or multitool
    Light stick
    Flint n steel[/list:u:33wuvgjq]

    Now this is by no means an exhaustive list, nor will we be expecting you to show these in some form of inspection. There will be plenty of safety measures in place over the weekend to keep things running smoothly. A lot of the kit on the list is going to be able to be left in the car. Your running kit may only comprise of Ammo, gas, batteries and some refreshments. So please don't think that you have to lump all this stuff with you. I would also recommend you have at least 10L of water available to you in the car. That way its close enough to refill when you need too but not in your way. If its warm you will need it, if its cold well mines a white coffee with 2!

    There will be an "Admin Mobile Phone" on site which you will be given the number, on the first day.

    I hope this will give you a basic guide to some of the kit you may need. Also remember you wont be that far from your car if you need anything extra.

Topic starter Posted : 18/04/2014 11:20 am