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Pathfinders. The Club.

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A little bit about us.
Pathfinders was formed way back in 97 by myself and my wife Trina. We lucked across a 700 acre piece of Welsh valley/mountainside, invited a few friends along one day and so it was born.

Airsoft was in its infancy back then and if it wasnt an Ak, an M16 or Mp5 variant you were sporting,you got some very curious people surrounding you in the safe zone.
Thankfully, things have moved on since then, and not just in the hardware side of the game.

Nowadays its not at all unusual to find yourself playing in a disused shopping centre/Hospital or derelict Military base. Locations we could only dream of playing at, way back when.

Thankfully, the way the games are run has evolved too. Very little 'Capture the flag' anymore and a good thing too.

When you play at one of our Games the 'High viz Marshal' is conspicuous by his absence. We havent used Marshals in over ten years. See no need for them and like to think the way we run games ensures we wont need them in the future either.
Instead well integrate Senior Bods from the club into the Teams and allow them to gently dictate the story line as you go.
Thats not to say that if youre a Squad Leader or Platoon Cmdr you do as youre told by them. Thats your job after all.
It may however be wise to heed their advice. They know what the whole picture looks like after all.

Were fortunate as a club to be in a position where we all consider ourselves' mates'.Anybody who plays with us or against us is considered likewise.
Weve been running since 97 and have organised many and varied different styles of Games, albeit set in the Modern era.

Weve got a few WW2 enthusiasts amongst us, mostly concentrating on the Allies but with a growing interest in Axis also.
This is our first presentation of a Big WW2 Game open to all.
Give it a go.
We may be just up your street.


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