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[Sticky] The Setting

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Minutes past Midnight, June 6 1944. The Cotentin peninsular. Normandy.A small group of German guards stand around a brazier, next to a roadblock and nervously discuss the evenings earlier happenings.
Happenings that are spreading confusion throughout the ranks. Small groups of foreign paratroopers have been engaged by the surprised forces on the ground, some of the paratroopers have been killed, others captured and yet more have melted into the night. Furthermore, rumours have been circulating of dummy drops being made, decoys and sounds of battle in the distance. On investigating these happenings, the troops on the ground find mannequins hung up in the trees or laying silent in the fields. Everything is pointing towards this being the diversionary attack the German forces have been anticipating for many months. Thoughts wander to
their colleagues recently sent East towards the Pays du Calais. The point where the long anticipated invasion is expected.
Out of the darkness starts a low rumble, barely audible at first, felt more than heard. Ears are cocked, trying to give direction to the approaching, slowly increasing noise. Nervous glances are shared with collegues. A shout is heard from an NCO in the distance, the claxon is started up and the droaning alarm rouses those off duty and the Air defence positions are manned. Searchlights are brought into play and the skies are swept with their beams. The rumbling is becoming overpowering and then out of the darkness comes the first of the transport aircraft. Flak is sent skyward, causing the transports to take evasive action. Out of the maelstrom above comes the first strings of blossoming canopies, some being cut to pieces,others cutting away, oscillating madly trying to make themselves harder targets.
It has dawned on the defenders with no room for doubt that this is the long awaited invasion, here, now and the fight for both sides life and liberty has started here, tonight.

Sign up now.

Take the fight to the occupying forces and try to wrestle the ground back from them or defend your ground and repel these soldiers from the sky.

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Mission tasks will include:

A night time start, to immerse you in the atmosphere from the outset
Intelligence gathering and mission planing
Intense attacks and counter attacks on key Allied locations
Capture of key personnel
Protection of key installations
Recce Patrols & Disruption raids

A simulated mis drop of men and resources likened to the events of June 1944
Securing of key locations held by Axis forces
Rescue of VIP's and POW's
Intel led combat patrols

The objective of the organisers for this event is to create something that has never been done before. We want to recreate the chaos and confusion that took hold on that night. For both sides there will be opportunities to attack and defend objectives; rescue missions and ad hoc missions that are side to main objectives. We don't want to give to much of the objectives away. During D-day and the following days some objectives were not completed, or didn't get completed on time. This happens, and if that happens on our game then that's acceptable. Some objectives will be simple, some intense and some near impossible. For us it's all about having a good game.

We have set aside a "safe" area where both sides can time out, get some rest and have food without fear of being mistaken for being in game (on the advice of some of the experienced members here). This area will be manned throughout the game time and completely neutral.

Posted : 05/04/2014 5:25 pm

Universal Gunner
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Cotentin Peninsular... Is this ideally US based then? I wouldn't want to be the only hopelessly lost British Airborne.

I have a small skewer hidden in the collar of my jumping jacket, and a razorblade in my gaiter, as well as my knife.

Posted : 05/04/2014 9:55 pm

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Absolutely not, you come as any load out you chose. You will simply be put on the correct side in relation to which you chose, British/ US etc will be Allied and German etc will be Axis.

Posted : 05/04/2014 10:12 pm

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You can expect a couple of other hopelessly lost Brits to keep you company mate :D
Were far more interested in the actual getting out on the ground and enjoying the entire experience for what it is rather than fretting about whether a Brit would factually have been there or not.
We dont count buttons or stitches either :wink:
Were all about a realistic approach without kicking the butt out of it.
If anybody wants to fully immerse themselves in the roleplay side of things complete with accents, personality and realistic acting if and when hit, fill your boots.
It just adds to everyones weekend.
As far as being a very lost Brit.
Whos to say any different?

Topic starter Posted : 05/04/2014 10:13 pm

Conrad Uno
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same goes for a lost Luftwaffe Flak gunner then ?

Posted : 05/04/2014 11:20 pm

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Absolutely mate :good:

Topic starter Posted : 05/04/2014 11:35 pm

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Buzzing. :happyclap: if this comes off, I will be a very happy chap. I've waited for this type of game for ages. I know others have tried to get one on but the "hardcore" nature has put some off. Come on you dirty hun! See if you can throw us back into the Atlantic!

Posted : 06/04/2014 10:02 am

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I have updated my post above to make it clearer to most what to expect. I have been discussing this with members on here and understand we are "new" to the WW2 scene, which may make some of you nervous. We have been organising standard airsoft games of various lengths for nearly 20 years but we learn new tricks every time. You input and question would be appreciated.

The types of scenarios and tasking we have planned we have already tried and tested them in our modern games. Sometimes it's too obvious to us when we are typing them out on here and we might miss a point that would make it clear so please feel free to drop me or Daz a PM or ask away on here if you want to know a little more. As I say above though we don't want to give too much away as this may spoil the games surprise factor.


Posted : 06/04/2014 10:42 am