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[Sticky] Event Rules - Now Updated

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Below are our rule for the event including load out limits etc. any questions please post in the appropriate section to stop confusion of multiple people asking the same question. Thanks.

Load out rules:
Soldier: Rifle
Can use any period WW2 rifle up to 350 fps
No sidearm
Has ammo limit per life of 50 rounds
Has one bandage
Can carry two grenades per life

Soldier: Sub Machine Gun
Can use any period WW2 SMG up to 350 fps
No sidearm
Has ammo limit per life of 100 rounds
Has one bandage
Can carry two grenades per life
Weapon can only be full auto, no single shot.

Sniper: Rifle
Any period WW2 rifle up to 500 fps
Can carry sidearm
Has ammo limit of 50 rounds per life (for all weapons carried)
Has one bandage
Can carry one grenade
Place limited to one per side so if you want this position tell us at time of booking.

Support gunner/loader: LMG/MG
Any period WW2 airsoft LMG/MG to 350 fps
Gunner can use side arm. Must be period with 2 magazines max.
Loader as normal soldier load out
Has ammo limit of 1000. 500 for the gun and 500 carried by the loader, rounds per life. (For all weapons carried)
Must move, be deployed, and fired as a team of two, Gunner/loader. When deployed only hits on the player themselves, not the gun, count as a hit. When carried gun hits are to be taken as normal.
Gunner can fire MG from the hip (not shoulder) in semi/2-3 round burst when assaulting.
Drum magazines have a 500 round limit which must be emptied before reloading in the field. I.e outside of HQ the magazine cannot be topped up, only refilled in full once empty to simulate belt/barrel changes.
Has one bandage
No grenades

Additional load out rules:

As the ammo limit is quite low we ask that the ammo limit per life be separated over multiple magazines so changes of magazine must be made. We will leave this as an honour rule and it is up to the player to use it and not abuse it.

Ammo limits and re- arming:

Both forces will be taking ammo tins into the field for in game reloads. These ammo boxes will be filled with ammunition for each class of weapon, Rifle/SMG/MG. these will be highlighted by the ammo being kept in different coloured self-sealing bags of 50/100/500 respectively.
The different bags are not interchangeable between weapons. As in real circumstances SMG ammo would not be able to be fired from a rifle and vice versa.
When the ammo tins run empty they must be taken back to designated CP or HQ point and then refilled from supply by one of the commanding officers. Once the ammo supply has gone a resupply will have to be called for from relative side’s high command. This will not be a totally limited ammo event but aspects of the game may result in resupply of the HQ ammo not be able to be made for a length of time therefore everybody needs to be aware of their ammo usage.
So only reload available from unit ammo tin or supplied by commanding officer at CP of HQ no automatic reload if KIA etc.

Firefight rules:
When shot, a scream or shout and then dropping to the floor and the player is considered out of game. Much better than just a Hit call. When hit the player must place a ‘HAND’ in the air to show they are no longer alive. Guys, making an effort to scream out when shot and play dead for a while whilst troops move will add to everyone’s immersion. A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochet must also be taken, if you think you’ve been hit, take it as your back in the game almost immediately.
With ricochets we would like to stress that using this rule to try and bounce shots round corners is not in the spirit of the rule and we would ask that no one tries to abuse it. Anyone found doing so will be asked to stop being such a cock.
A shot player shouldn’t be targeted and cannot return fire until healed, UNLESS they try to crawl to safety. If shot whilst crawling you must call it, slump and stay on the ground for 10 seconds, then move off calling KIA. There is no limit to how far you can crawl however; you will bleed out in 5 minutes!
Moving wounded. One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety
Dead players ‘DO NOT TALK’. Exception to use the call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’

The effective range of pyro is 5m but hard cover has effect, this is trenches, concrete/brick barricades etc. not trees and shrubs. We would prefer if you take hits from pyro at 7m rather than ignoring those at 3m. When inside of buildings pyro has effect on the entire room regardless of cover but only that room. Multiroom buildings would require one grenade per room to clear. A hit by pyro is an immediate KIA rather than a hit that can be bandaged.
Please do not run away from grenades!


Melee combat is positively encouraged but must be conducted in a safe manner. All edged weapons must be larp safe, blows must be pulled and head contact avoided. Silent kills are considered an instant KIA but melee blows are considered normal hits and can be mediced. Again as this is a small ammo event the aspect of melee combat will come to the fore a bit more.

Bandage rule:
Each player has availability to one bandage, If a live team mate can get to you they must tie one bandage to you wrist to make you live again. When hit after one bandage has been used the player is KIA and must return to CP or HQ where bandages may be removed and the player can return to the action. To move a wounded player, place your hand on their shoulder. All bandaging must be stationery and if either player is hit during the Medic or during the move, both must take a KIA and head back to HQ.

When KIA dead players must return to their designated regen point before re-entering the game. Players must remain at the regen a minimum of 5 minutes before re-entering the field and must do so with at least one other player. If no other player appears they are to wait an additional 5 minutes before they can return alone unless instructed otherwise by an officer.

Calls in the field:
'Game on' - Verbal call. Signifies the start of the day.
'Man down' - verbal call, all players to go safe and remain in position until further call made. Anyone can give man down call as we are all out here to take care of one another.
'Game over' - single whistle blow and verbal call. All players go safe a return to safe zone for end ex thanks and de-brief.

Note- whistles may be used for signalling/effect in game. They will be multiblast and their purpose should be self-evident. They will not be used for emergencies.

Additional rules and guidelines may be added and some of the above may be amended but these will be slight tweaks not whole hearted changes.

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We would just at this moment like to clarify some of the points that have made by the set of rules that we have discussed as organisers as to why we have chosen a certain way to go with our rule set:

Point 1)
We will be issuing all the ammo for the main event Saturday. There will not be a total limit on the amount available but aspects our objectives of the game may allow for re-supply to not be available for a period of time.

Point 2)
Yes we have limited the ammo per life, and yes we are aware that we have given a larger capacity to SMGs over rifles. I know you may be asking that lower level ammo limits are there to promote the use of rifles in an event so why have we limited them again in favour of SMGs? We have designed the rules as to give both a different advantage over the other. SMGs will have the ability to place a larger amount of fire down per life of the player but as the ammo available to each squad is to be limited the fact is that if players do decide to put down the larger fire they will find themselves at the dis advantage of running out of ammo. This is the point at which the longer time it takes for a rifle to use ammunition gives it a long term advantage over the SMGs. Therefore players need to ask themselves as to what way they want to go or maybe if you going to book on as groups to be placed into your own units together it maybe wise to have a mixture of weapons to give your unit the more all round balance.

We hope you approve of what we are trying to go for but any questions or whether you need further clarification please ask in the relevant thread

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Indeed I do good show!

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