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Sealion Gameplay Rules.

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So that everyone is aware what the rules are for both sides...

The Allied team, although superior in numbers, has a massive initial task. Between them they have a fuel dump, ammo dump, and a secret listening post that is mobile!
They also have to defend their HQ as it is their field hospital and main respawn point, should this collapse the entire first game’s jeopardy could be thrown into question.
The main task for the Allies will be initially on day one to man all outposts, set up lines of communication between them, and be able to establish a QRF to be able to respond to any probing attack.
Allied respawn rules.
Players will be issued with a playing card, which will be registered against their name.
When hit in the field for the first time, the player will do a screen death and lay on the ground where they are (move aside for puddles in ditches, being in middle of hot fire fight) and call for medic. Any team member can medic another player. The player is considered healed when the medic has tied the casualty’s bandage to their arm.
If you are not mediced after 10 mins, you bleed out and have to return to JCHQ for respawn. As you respawn back in your base, your card will be punched and a record kept of how many respawns each side incurs. New cards will be issued for those that lose theirs, but at a cost of ten lives! Do not loose your card! If an enemy reaches you, you are considered captured and must hand over any Intel you hold. Axis players get bonus points for capture, trying to discourage shoot to kill policies, be cooperative, give name rank and serial no and then go back to base to respawn.
Grenade kills are instant as are knife kills.
Communication is the key to the Allied defence, the enemy movements should be easy to predict, but enabling a sufficient counter attack in time may be vital.

Axis forces
Although this recon unit may well be outnumbered, what we do have is the element of surprise and the unknown.
Ground rules. Upon first hit, do a dramatic screen death and yell for sani, but only if it is safe for your comrade to do so. Any Axis player can medic another axis player by tying the necessary bandage on. If nobody reaches you, and due to the fact that the Allies are using heavy weight ammo, you bleed out in 5 mins from initial hit. Then you can go back to your mobile field hospital and respawn.
The Allies cannot capture you, they are on a shoot to kill policy, and you were only following orders, so there is no information to be gathered.
Each player will be issued a playing card, each time they respawn back at their mobile field hospital, the card will be punched so that we can keep a tally on how many respawns each side incurs. New cards will be issued for those that lose theirs, but at a price of 10 lives! Do not lose your card!

Orange smoke will signify mustard gas. If you see orange smoke and do not have a respirator, do not enter that area. If by chance it drifts across you, you are considered dead without a gasmask, and need to go back to your base for respawn.
Gas is deadly to both sides so these rules apply to both sides.

Ammo Limits,
Snipers and bolt action guns 150 rounds per life
Infantrymen 600 rounds per life
Support gunners 2500 rounds per life

Support guns can only be fired deployed, either Prone, on a sandbag / wall or on a team mates shoulder.

Fps Snipers and bolt action guns up to 500 fps with a 0.2g BB and a 20 m MED
Fixed Semi Auto (mechanically fixed so it cannot fire full auto) 420 c/w 20m MED
Full auto 350 but please do not use a 350fps in CQC situations, have a sub 328 sidearm / alternative.

A Safety brief will be given at the beginning of the event and to keep the H&S and Insurers happy, every player will be asked to fill out the statutary form. We will have plenty of these on the Friday night as well as the Saturday in order to get going as quickly as possible.

I'd like everybody to be ready onsite at 09.30 on the Saturday morning so that we can get the safety brief and all necessary gubbins out of the way so that we can get on with it all as soon as possible.
We intend the skirmish to last 6 hours untill 4pm, or maybe 5 if necessary, please ensure you have adequate food and water to be in the field for this time (Pasty) There will be water to resupply at both sides respawn points and there will be boxes randomly placed in the field with water and possibly rations in them, marked with a red flag. These are for all players, not to be taken for the game but as a bonus if you find one.

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Zero Bravo
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There will be a memorial service at end of play on Sunday for those who want to attend.
The tribute is to those few who sacrificed so much, in the Battle of Britain, had they not won, this scenario really could have taken place.
It is by no means compulsary, but I'll be taking off my jacket and hat and attending.
There is a small memorial in Yapton to those who lost their lives and we intend marching out from the range and over to the memorial, having a few words from the vicar and marching back. Anyone attending the event is welcome to take part.
There will also be a march from Climping through the village, but that will be done by the re-enactors on the Saturday morning, whilst we're busy shooting each other.
The local Sea Cadets will be providing the last post at the memorial.

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