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I hope you went on sick parade! No malingering! ( hope your feeling better)

Posted : 23/08/2019 5:21 pm

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Been ill since I booked the Lad on not clearing up so will have to miss this one :(

Hope you all have a great time

Crap luck , I was just about to text you about Mc breakfast , guess I'm eating alone :(

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Posted : 23/08/2019 6:01 pm

agent orange
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Apologies for the no show. I was on route when I had some bad news and had to turn around and go home.

Hope you had a great day

Posted : 24/08/2019 7:13 pm

Mark Owen
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Was an awesome event thanks fellas such a good weekend and thanks for all the hard work will defo be at the next Frontline event

Posted : 25/08/2019 5:02 pm

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Thanks Mark, alot of work went into it we are glad you had a good time see you soon bud

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Posted : 25/08/2019 9:07 pm

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