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[Sticky] Event timings

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This event will run from midday on saturday, until midday on sunday. It will run for the full 24 hours but, for those who are driving long distances, there will be adequate "down time" to ensure that you don't drive home completely knackered. For those who want to go crawling around in the dark at 4 in the morning, you'll be able to do that too. Of course, if everyone wants to bin it for the night at 2100hrs, then that's what we'll do!

We ask that people are on site in good time on the saturday, by 1000hrs latest, ensuring that there is adequate time to book in and to get to your start points.

PLEASE don't bring 3 tons of kit and 4 extra guns with you and, leave nylon gun bags and plastic carrier bags, etc, in your car. We're not bothered if you carry your gear in a modern rucksack if you don't have a period one, all we ask is that you keep it in your shelter, or otherwise out of sight, along with any other obviously modern stuff.

When I want your opinion - I'll tell you what it is!

Topic starter Posted : 29/05/2011 8:14 am
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Yo may arrive on site from 8 pm Friday if you notify us first

Posted : 29/05/2011 7:08 pm