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Wot, no SS ?

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There were no FJ or Waffen SS at Sevastopol, so we have decided to take the plunge and have Heer only. However, this certainly does not mean that those with W-SS kit cannot attend. With a bit of kit lending and some simple ideas, those with only W-SS kit can easily disguise it, and join the ranks of the Heer.

The only things that need to be disguised are W-SS helmet decals and W-SS insignia on tunics - assuming you've grasped the basics of no W-SS camo. Here are some suggestions:

1. Borrow a Heer one - a possibility, but since we're trying to get everybody in a Stahlhelm, if you already own a helmet with W-SS markings, then we'd prefer you diguise it, so we can lend the helmets to those who have none.
2. Borrow a Splittertarn helmet cover.
3. Borrow a breadbag strap.
4. Whitewash it - simply give it a rough coat of white emulsion, and Adolf's your uncle! There will be some combat outside the buildings, too - although we can't guarantee snow.
5. Cover it in mud.
6. Make a cover out of hessian or a white sheet or splinter material, secured by inner tube rubber, wire, leather strap, string, etc, etc.... look at some period photos and you'll see examples of all of these.

If you don't have a helmet, and you can't borrow one, then a cheap alternative would be fibreglass or plastic one - plenty on ebay. With a nice paint job, nobody would know the difference.

Waffen SS tunics.
1. Borrow a Heer tunic
2. Borrow a Heer greatcoat - belt kit over the top - a great look.
3. Cover the runes with a scarf or somesuch.
4. Rebadge - heh, you don't have to, but I know somebody who is already!
5. Make a snow smock from white sheeting
6. Borrow a Splittertarn smock - not that prevalent in 1942, but perfectly acceptable

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