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[Sticky] Recommended Retailers of Red Army Kit.

Prominent Member Schuster's store. One stop shop for pretty anything red army. Top quality reproductions at a good price. Both english and Russian versions available although the English lacks descriptons. They have proven friendly and reliable to deal with if a little slow during reenactment season (they are reenactors)
Russian retailer who stock unusual items like navy uniforms. Most kit is made to order rather than kept in stock.

Trident Military - Nice repro stuff but expensive. Always try to phone your order through as web orders tend to be ignored or "held" until the stock is in. You won't be contacted if its out of stock tho sadly. Far east seller of ok quality kit at decent prices.

Collect Russia - Very nice stuff and good clean website, but quite expensive. Cheap supplier of postwar kit, just be sure of what you are ordering first. of postwar but acceptable uniforms. Expensive but UK based. Useful for a few items such as correct pattern Ushankas Useful for some items including Ssh40 helmets. Not always the most reliable/quick. This ebay seller has a few useful bits very cheap, including tunics. Of Bulgarian manufacture I believe but very close to soviet and ultra cheap.

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Topic starter Posted : 17/01/2007 5:51 pm
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In light of this post being nearly a decade old now, are their any new 'reliable' retailers of Soviet kit (bar the usual suspects)?

I have found a few links to sites but am wary of the service!


Posted : 05/10/2016 12:44 pm
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In light of this post being nearly a decade old now, are their any new 'reliable' retailers of Soviet kit (bar the usual suspects)?

I have found a few links to sites but am wary of the service!

Ta, - is still very much top dog as far as I am aware, while Epic now stocks Schuster kit there's far more available on Schuster's own site. I'd recommend taking a flick through ... ed-to-know if you've any concerns. Based in Belarus. - See above - Do not buy a postwar Ushanka - a little 'cottage industry' based here in the UK. Stock is added as and when it is produced, but if you send the owner a message he's usually happy to do custom orders. In particular he offers a very nice 1927 model gasmask bag for around £15, compared to the later model offered by Epic for £35 and Hiki for £25. Also available is a variety of unusual early war items, pouch fillers and canteen carriers, he also offers shovel carriers which aren't easy to find. Also some suitable post war surplus. - do very good M43 tunics. Avoid their fieldgear like the plague. ... -5001.html - Still an excellent source of correct pattern ushankas and leather equipment belts, grab yourself a nice book on Thrace while you are there :) - If you're on a budget Hiki will never let you down. Just don't expect regular parcel updates. - Good source of post war surplus, in particular correct (pocketless) Veshmeshoks, all leather mosin pouches, and WW2 model cooking pots which I have never found elsewhere, ever. - Do not buy a postwar Ushanka - Seems to be well regarded by various reenactment groups, like Schuster you need to factor in shipping costs as they are based in Russia, as well as the slow (but reliable) Russian postal service. I'm forever hearing the reproduction jackboots they sell are superb, I'll probably end up buying a pair one day.

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Posted : 05/10/2016 2:54 pm
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Trident are OK, I've had a few bits from them, but their eBay shop is far more reliable than the website.


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Posted : 07/10/2016 6:17 am
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Ta both, always worth having an up-to-date list of retailers!

Posted : 07/10/2016 8:17 am