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after a brisk cold morning , both sides made good head weigh with there assigned missions, Patrols were ambushed by both sides or run into each quite a lot , but all 6 squads kept going , supplies were got , fuel dumps + armoured cars were blown up , intel photos taken , secret microfilm and travel papers recovered , friendly fire and good sportsmanship all around :)

then after lunch and a quick warm up and some char we went back about it more of the same but with added friendly grenade throw ;)

before the final assault on the Alife , our bit of the battle went well with both sides given as good as each other before the over whelming numbers of the allied advance took control and as the light faded Alfie was held by the Allied forces with just the odd German or two dug in refusing to surrender...

as regard to the mission totals on the day , it was very close again with the Allies just pipping it by 30 points 1230 vs 1260 but with there undermanned zug i think the Germans can claim a slight victory :) even if the history books wont show it :)

Topic starter Posted : 20/01/2016 5:54 pm