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Joseph Porta
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First a BIG thanks to everyone for coming, also special thanks to Doug and Nigel for bringing their vehicles and letting us pepper them.

Thanks to Chommers, Yith , James, and Headshot for their command roles, (not that it mattered all command and control went out of the window once players got in to the dark areas.

Now an apology.

Due to my personal admin hanging out of my arse , i didnt have a hard copy of the game brief on the day.
I "forgot" to mention some important rules, and one which affected the players was the "Bang" rule.

I dont use the Bang rule at all, for the exact reason that happened at the event.

I was walking allong as Hitler followed by 12 german soldiers in single fire.
as i walk through a door, a US player says "Bang" as i walk through, and procedes to keep saying "Bang, bang,bang,bang ,bang................your all dead" as the line walk through the door.

If he had fired 1 shot or short burst, i would have died, and the next 12 players would have murdered him. by saying "bang bang bang..........." its just not realistic. i understand the playing safe concept, and he may have said "surrender" and then given the choice and shot me if i refused.

Whilst this was in NO WAY AT ALL the players fault (i hadnt told anyone on the brief, i assumed that the open day concept of bang was never going to appear at a ww2 type game)
I lost my temper and said something like "WTF is that guy playing at ?"
Again it was MY FAULT for not explaining.
As I dont know who the player was, i would like to apologize to all, so its clear that he had done nothing wrong.

Now on to the game.

the initial attack was great, lots of brave americans pushing into VERY heavy german fire.
Oddballs tank getting molotoved "OUTSIDE" had me laughing my head off, a knights cross to that german (posthumously)
Once the game progressed inside the tunnels, it was a mix of, all out assaults, sneaky beakey raids, ambushes and suicidal acts of bravery by both sides.

The US troops soon blew the turbine station, then gradually moved up and blew the radio generator.
All the while vehicles were sparing with each other, and hunter groups of infantry from both sides.
The germans started to scatter all over site, and every time i sent a runner to gather intelligence , they either disappeared never to be seen again, got shot at the first corner, or returned with information that was out of date by the time they got back with it.

One example being when the Fuhrers office was attacked, i asked a player returning from the kitchens "is it clear?"
"yes mein Fuhrer, ive just been there"

On this information we all proceeded to the kitchens only to find they were recaptured in the 3 minutes that had passed.

Once the Fuhrer was seen by the US troops, it was like a warm dog turd surrounded by flies.
Chommers lead a breakout with the majority of the force, wilst the Fuhrer and 6 brave men ran down a side tunnel to hide.
The Fuhrer snook in to a hole in a wall behind a toilet, and waited. The men went bravely back to battle.

The Fuhrer then fell asleep, only to be woken by an american helmet appearing in the hole.
A full magazine of 9mm ammo sorted that man out, only for a US troop to make a joke about charlie chaplain.
the next head through the hole got the second magazine.
The Fuhrer then ran in to the last room, and was just eating his "dispatch" pill as the US troops entered, a heimlich maneuver stopped him eating the pill. (done with considerable force, ive still got sore ribs)

He was then changed in to a US uniform and some poor GI SCHMUCK was dressed as Hitler to distract the germans. (not at all expected or planned for in the game, but a very sound tactic, and i had to let it run as it was was not a scripted ending)
The Fuhrer was then escorted out in a sneaky 30 minute extraction, dodging german patrols, being walked face first into a wall in the dark for american amusement, (for real, i got roughed up, weather by accident or not, im not sure )
and killing one german MG gunner by cowardly shooting him in the back from a dark tunnel.

Once outside, he was dragged to the top of the hill and held there till more us troops moved up.

The Brave german troops under Sturmbahnfuhrer Chommers, ran out side in pursuit , right in to the guns of the american re-enforcements. The brave german troops assaulted again and again, and succeeded in pushing the americans back, only to be ambushed from above by american snipers.

As the Fuhrer was dragged up the hill someone shouted "Assassinate the Fuhrer" and a massive barrage of fire whistled around him, hitting a couple of US troops, but the Fuhrer was dragged to safety.

So the game didnt pan out how i expected, or how i wanted, I wanted a GERMAN VICTORY.


Thanks everyone for coming, you all made the event what it was, and im happy all the work felt worth it.

Thanks, Porta

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Posted : 10/12/2012 8:20 pm
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had a top day thanks to all , who ran it and played

Posted : 10/12/2012 8:47 pm
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The Fuhrer was then escorted out in a sneaky 30 minute extraction, dodging german patrols, being walked face first into a wall in the dark for american amusement, (for real, i got roughed up, weather by accident or not, im not sure )

This needs context. We were in the darkest tunnel, the third I think, and saw a load of torches at the end flicking around and we stood there in the pitch black for a couple of minutes. By then I'd lost my bearings and when I continued to walk with the Führer in my hands I walked straight into a wall. Both of us, straight into a wall. After laughing uncontrollably for a minute or so we composed ourselves and moved on.

I'm still laughing thinking about it now..

Posted : 10/12/2012 8:47 pm
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what a day really enjoyed myself had a blast on the MG

like the new half track

altho i was late got into game very quiclky took a few americans

loved every minute of it

Posted : 10/12/2012 8:50 pm
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Yes great social nice to put some faces to the forum, glad to see Dadio and his great muzzle & smoke flash Bren gun.

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Posted : 10/12/2012 10:34 pm
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Excellent game as always guys, very different to the last time I fought in tunnels, with manning the MG on the armoured jeep.
Get quite a few kills, a lot more of it was suppressing fire rather than accurate fire but as is the essence of being on a support weapon.
Some excellent team playing, hopefully not too many people put off by me screaming at them to push forward to clear side passages to cover the jeep.
Memorable bits in the day, pushing up to the radio station to blow it and Porta throwing a MK9 BFG followed by about 10 rounds on the blank firing grease gun. The MK9 shook the jeep and made everyone's ears ring. Then also not having any grenades to dispatch the German halftrack, just ramming it and pushing it back whilst hammering it with machinegun fire.

Some excellent play on both sides. Big up to the guy who knife killed me in the back of the jeep towards the end of the day. I hesitate to say 'stealth' as with the engine running you couldn't have heard someone if they'd run up behind screaming at the top of their voice. Still good kill.

Also had a great social at the pub the evening before.

Only down side of the day - German plonker with a Tac-light taped to the end of a Thompson, very not in the spirit of things.

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Posted : 10/12/2012 10:40 pm
Death Warrant
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I can only echo what everyone else has said.

My first ww2 event for some time and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Big thanks to all the organisers for all their hard work. Plus a special mention to porta for the improv guided tour of the site on the saturday night, just gutted i missed out on the fun of the turbine defence.

Loved the banter on the Saturday night, its what makes these ww2 events stand out for me.

Looking forward to next year and getting to more events

Posted : 11/12/2012 2:56 pm
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Argh hitman i had loads of headake and painkillers in my kit bag you could of had :(


Posted : 11/12/2012 5:18 pm
Joseph Porta
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Thanks to everyone for some very nice feedback, im glad you all enjoyed it, it really makes the work worth it if people have a good time.

thanks for coming everyone, and to echo Hitman, I hope you all have a good christmas and new year

"Take that you rotton helping of strawberry flan!"
Joseph Porta to "strawberrys and cream", in the sven hassel book ,ogpu prison

Posted : 11/12/2012 9:33 pm
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was it any, was it, was it $%^&,was it awesomely $%^& fantastic..............YES

Posted : 11/12/2012 10:13 pm
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My first visit to the tunnels, big thanks all round to Porta, Tiny and Odball for organising a great event. High point for me was in the back of the half track laying down supressing fire on the hordes of incoming yanks.
Low point was leading a sneak attack on the American armoured car, my safety glasses had misted up and all I could see were American figures and I didn't see the safe zone flags. When we opened up with a hail of fire my mate Alex was shot twice in the neck ( dread to think what would have happened if my MP44 hadn't been reduced to 350fps) Alex was understandebly upset and I just wanted to crawl under a rock.
Other than that and the loss of half a bottle of BBs in the dark it was a great day and a brilliant turnout by one and all.

Posted : 12/12/2012 9:09 am
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Many thanks to Tiny, Porta, CW and anyone else involved in running the game or commanding. The tunnels are great fun and having a tank or armoured car bearing down on you in the darkness really adds to the experience

Command control is always difficult in tunnels and once the yanks had pushed us from the kitchens the German control fragmented but all part of the experience, looking forward to Pavlovs House

Posted : 12/12/2012 9:10 am
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anyone got some piccies up?


Lots up and will have a video at some point as I have about 1 hour to edit.


Watch Vid
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Posted : 15/12/2012 9:46 am
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