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What a fantastic day with lots of great memories and so much action!

Hopefully got some good photos, so will get them edited and posted ASAP.

Posted : 30/03/2015 1:23 pm

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Thanks to all. Had fun. Sorry I didn't make it on Sunday, I think I overdid it on Saturday and the shoulder is still complaining badly now, on Sunday morning it wasn't going to let me go anywhere.

My only comment would be that our squad might have been more cohesive with a more specific command structure, as I thought at times there were 'too many chiefs', which I felt led to a less strategic approach to our attacks and a more just charge and hope for the best open day approach

This would be my main comment too. I couldn't really spot any discernible squad structure and if there was orders were not being passed to the Brits. It didn't help that from the beginning the Brits seemed to be deployed to protect the left flank of flag 2 and all of 3 and 4 and as a consequence were spread out over a huge patch of wood. So right from the start the chance of establishing a squad identity and feel had gone and by the end of the day it was just a free for all.

My second comment is related as we came across lone bimblers on the Axis side too.

But all in all it was fun although I am paying the price for it now.


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Posted : 30/03/2015 1:26 pm

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Cheers all for a fantastic weekend. Sorry to the guys who lacked command structure in that unit, We have quite a few guys pull out last minute from the team and got left short on Units commanders. Still, imaging your CO's was shot dead and all that was left was a bunch of corporals, recon we delivered a spot on experience lol. :good:

Sunday was awesome, with over a dozen guys not making it back we soldier on and pulled a stinker out of the bag.

lesson for Gunman, too few a guys only want to play the weekends these days and the single day is the game of choice (a change in the way WW2 games are these days) so unless the site we book in miles away like Sennybridge or Candleston, this will be our last weekend :good: The game has moved on and so will we.

Huge thanks to all you lot however for reminding what a pleasure WW2 battles are and how much adrenaline can be added to the experience in a force on force action packed game. Im struggling today 'BIG TIME' lol

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Posted : 30/03/2015 5:35 pm

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Had a fantastic day Saturday and loads of great moments from traveling down to the Site in the deuce, to just sitting watching the rest of the 34th exchanging rounds with gerrie covered in a smoke screen.

The level of game play was spot on as well as the attitude of players from both sides.

I think ww2 air soft is back on track and the balance is just right too, 50% air soft 50% re-enactment & 100% fun :D

Big thanks to Josh and all those involved in organising this cracking day roll on the next one

Posted : 30/03/2015 6:24 pm

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Fantastic game both days, big thanks to all players and the gunman crew as always.

Lesson learned regarding squad leadership, we really should have broken down the GJ into two smaller groups to be manageable. I think that would have reduce the amount of 'bimbling' since its much easier to keep tabs on 5 players than it is fifteen.

Also special mention to the guys that played in the rain Sunday morning. We had an absolute blast ambushing the convoy, especially the 'RUN AWAY!!!!' moments...

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Posted : 31/03/2015 7:41 am

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Yes thanks Josh and crew for a fun day :good:

Also thanks to Russell and Calum for helping to crew the howitzer. It finally got a few kills, the artillery duel with the 34th's mortar was great fun :D

Russell your artillery spotter thing was awsome :good:

May have been the Dog co airborne mortar crew, we went through £250 worth of mortar rounds, and had a brilliant day!!! :happyclap:

Posted : 02/05/2015 8:59 am

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