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Great diagram! I was the extreme right wing (geographically, not politically) of the German line and had a very quiet time for the first hour or so. When my section was recalled to defend the HQ we ran straight into the US attack and were quickly overrun. Bugger. On the plus side, this was swiftly followed by another ride in 'Claude'.

Posted : 19/10/2011 11:26 am
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The main British assault would have come sooner but, seperated from the yanks, we lacked the manpower to do anything other than probe and hold. We were also under accurate mortar fire and some harrassing rifle fire and flanking probes from the Germans. Once the US infantry arrived at our rear position, it freed up the men I needed to move forward to mount a full assault on the previously identified German right flank. We took heavy casualties, so, fair play to the German defenders. We took the initial position while I was actually at the casualty clearing station! Once we had gained a foothold on the heights, we shook out into extended line and rolled up the German positions which were holding up the yanks. Ironically, we took more casualties from US friendly fire than we did from the Germans in mounting this assault! This set a pattern for the rest of the day, small probing patrols to make contact, followed by a general assault, some friendly fire incidents and German diehard rearguard actions. Great fun!

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Posted : 19/10/2011 5:45 pm
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I can confirm that! After bumping the krauts on the left of their line we dug in in a defensive line at the base of the ridge! Harrassing fire and very accurate motar fire (thank god it was smoke) we were there some time. Probes led by Sgt Heide and Corp Stu assertained the strength of their line which appeared well dug in along a tree line. With little or no cover in front! The order was issued after the U.S reinforced our position to put in the attack which was on a broad front. I was leading a section to the extreme left of the German line! The attack up hill was brutal with heavy casualties being inflicted by the dirty hun, especially to the centre of our advance. Nearing the crest of the ridge we got the break that allowed us to breach the defences. The poor Jerry who had us in his sights had his mag drop out allowing me to kill him and get to cover on the ridge line! The section was close behind although whittled down to 4 men. McVickers took out the next enemy which had been flushed out by grenades, nice shooting! Enemy moving up to reinforce the line were quickly dispatched and we were in the tree line! The yanks and other brits kept the pressure on and the enemy pinned and stretched out. Unable to get troops into our way and with our ranks being increased with more men there was only one outcome! It just goes to show how one tiny factor (the dropped mag) can change the battle!

Posted : 19/10/2011 6:35 pm
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i was one of the ss men in the tree line as you broke in. i took fire from the left and right and saw about 6 of you i must have fired at least 150 rounds from my mp 40 before i was hit for the secound time the first time as i pulled back up into the trees a quick bandage to my leg from matt and then the onslaught a great day and my first but not last event,

Posted : 19/10/2011 7:49 pm
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I have now posted some of the photos we've already seen (and a few others) over three posts on my blog at

'Claude' is proving very popular - I think we need more photos of him!

Posted : 22/10/2011 3:42 pm
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The assault on the hill was great fun, even if if did get killed before we hit the ridgeline.

But as one of the main aims of CiA is to allow you to get into the feel of what it would have been like back then, that was definitely a memorable moment. The feel of thinking to myself "my mates are bogged down and getting shot up - if only I can get further up the hill then I can save a couple of them. Hup hup hup, run run run. bang. Ow. Ah-ha - I'll be home for Christmas. Here comes the medic to bandage me. Off again, shooting my sten from the hip. Bang. Ow. Dead"


Posted : 22/10/2011 4:22 pm
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Hi all
I am glad you all had a good time at our site. The comrades in arms team are welcome back again perhaps try our ww2 airbase site next time.
I enjoyed playing as a random german para.
Good luck for future ww2 events

Posted : 22/10/2011 6:01 pm
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