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Wouldnt mind a vague appraisal on this stuff clearing out.

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Hi guys, I was a member on here for a few years a while back and attended an event and really caught the bug.
Sadly life has gotten in the way (as is its wont) and my situation has changed massively (marriage, children, divorce, job changes) so I am forced to part with it. I've no idea what's it worth at all so I don't want to either A extract the Michael or B sell it for tuppence. I do however want to shift it to the price would reflect that.

This stuff has been used to varying degrees a tiny amount is original and some is post war while the most is reproduction.

I'd like to shift the whole lot in one go as a job lot you can see what's available in the pictures. The pieces are from a variety of sources including second hand on here from a few members and the usual web shops. I'll answer as best possible but most items were bought at least 4-5 years ago so can't remember.

Jackets are up to a 44" chest but I'm roughly a 40 and they're alright on me albeit with a little cinching at the waist.

Trousers are 30-34 I've fluctuated this much in owning them and they're on the larger end of this scale but have side adjustments on both. Belt is a 95, canvas belt I'm unsure but had always fit me. Nice faded Dot 44 and some standard EM feldgrau wool.

Water bottle is not usable and is purely for show.

Bayonet original but mismatching numbers and tip has been blunted for airsoft carriage.

Both jackets lack arm eagles.

Officers shoulder boards could do with replacing, the ones sewn on have aged terribly in the gluing area.

Close combat clasp in silver included.

Hats are both 60 but the faux crushed (stiffened removed and hot water trick performed) is on the smaller side. Ski cap needs side eagle and different bevo badge (currently black).

Webbing us fully intact with different levels of wear, K98 pouch is almost as new, Luger shell holster is very new.

Ppsh is a Hexagon Productions and had a minor fix done to it with the old "circle" piece. Gearbox working, but hop needs investigating as feeds poorly. No box but gun bag supplied. Defence for purchasing RIF required and over 18.

Also included are a pair of well worn black riding boots which work very well as officers boots for use in the field (10s)

Please PM me any questions and other pictures or close ups provided.

I'd like to shift the whole lot as one item but could split if people want multiple things (if I'm being left with stuff though I'd rather it was a usable get up I could use again).

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