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Injuries at Bryansk

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Like I literally lost half my face to a Thompson man, there was so much blood, when will it end....

Actually it stopped bleeding quite quickly!

Point is, it hurt and made quite a mess and it wasn't a Tanaka! Its all about range. Close up, an aep hurts if shot in the nads (looking forward to that eh Troop?)

Anywhoo, it was an excellent game and I thought everybody played well and fair and any incidents were not even heat of the moment events, they were unintentional accidents. I don't think the Tanakas were over 500fps, we just don't see approaching 500fps rifles very often.

Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer

Posted : 13/05/2008 5:57 pm
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As I said to Kermit, Guy, Del and anyone else within 140m (I have a necessarily loud voice), it's a big boys game and if you don't like the pain, don't play. I've never had any reason not to trust CiA players, and therefore have no complaints if a shot stings a bit. Rhys is fine with it, and so that should be the end of it.

Perhaps you could provide a chrono for PBI games then, Rich?

Posted : 13/05/2008 7:14 pm
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Heh, on the 'advice' of the FG I'm drawing this thread to a close as it's run it's course now...
Thanks for your closing comment Rhys, don't pick at the scab.

Posted : 13/05/2008 7:30 pm
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Dammit you locked this thread before I got to mention the "squirrel scratches" I recieved whilst joining in with the rave at the other end of the site on the Saturday night 8)

Now locked again .....

Posted : 13/05/2008 9:04 pm
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