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Amazing thankyou

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A big thank you to all in the IB's for a great day.

I was part of 3 Batterie, so morning was spent fortifying with an occasional scramble for rifles and kit when activity was heard nearby....always a false alarm.....and unlike the Amerikaners, we waited to see the whites of their eyes before firing so avoided friendly fire :D
As others have said, comms not working was a shame but added to the realism I think.
Took part in the ambush as the Amerikaner pushed up the road....dont think I managed to hit anyone due to a flaky kar98....but managed to pull back unterofficer didn't fair so well and had to be left behind.
Died a few times...but wreaked revenge in the last 150 rounds (having had to switch from bolt due to lost seal) lasting til the end.
Well done to my kamraden in the 191st and 3 Batterie especially....brilliant wall Nick !

Posted : 19/09/2016 10:18 am

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Massive thanks to all involved.

I thoroughly enjoyed that, although the aches are still here.

The drop and rendezvous were excellent. As paras we did seem to be behind the game a bit in the afternoon. I attended the Grafton training in preparation for the cancelled Hut 9 game and that should have been a warning. In Brit kit I would have brought my compass but as Yank I followed obediently.

I don’t think it was anybody’s fault , the game plan was fine. Yes, the site is overgrown and big and those brambles are a bugger but that probably appeared worse as it was clear the further back down the column you were that we were often going round in giant circles.

I have to confess that I didn’t understand the regen rules. I never saw a box with sticks. I heard we’d broken some German ones. When dead I just disappeared back and hung around for a bit out of the way and then returned to get shot again, we were constantly getting split up as it was.

So, good game with the drop in the morning being one of my all time favourites. And a US compass has now been added to the want list!

Roll on Rattenkrieg, shame about Bagration suddently disappearing as 74 days seems a very long way off.



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Posted : 19/09/2016 11:52 am

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Just wait till we book Dartmoor . :wink:

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Posted : 19/09/2016 5:20 pm

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Thanks alot, really enjoyed the game! Props were fantastic. I know how much effort it requires to put a good game on! :good:
Looking forward to Rattenkrieg.

Posted : 19/09/2016 7:07 pm

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How come I missed the Mustang?

Posted : 19/09/2016 8:05 pm

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I'm sure as an Allied player the sound of a merlin engine overhead just gave you a warm fuzzy feeling ,as a German player it was more like fingernails down the blackboard of my soul .

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Posted : 19/09/2016 8:40 pm

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Fantastic day enjoyed every minute of it except for my two wasp stings
Great props and nice to see vehicles at a game it adds to the immersion of ww2 airsoft for me

My favourite moment was the attack on the bunkers with mortar rounds flying over our heads and being pinned down for 10 minutes by those pesky German support weapons, but our patients paid off and finally returned fire and killed 4 gerries from 30 metres away with the trusty garand :D

Thank you to all the IB team for all your hard work and effort you put into the props it's games like these that keeps ww2 airsoft alive :D

Look forward to the next one wasp free I hope :)

Posted : 19/09/2016 9:33 pm

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I had a great time, thanks to the organisers for all the hard work. Shame about the comms not working, though it did my job as funker considerably easier...

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Posted : 20/09/2016 8:10 am

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many thanks to the IB for running an amazing event. less thorns next time tho please chaps :giggle:
the blind drop for us para's at the start was a brilliant touch, everyone slowly coming together in 2's and 3's certainly gave a small inkling of what it could have been like for real.
the gameplay and firefights were fantastic, as was the quality of kit and props. i can't wait to see what the new super-group deliver for the next event, you set the bar high :happyclap:

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Posted : 20/09/2016 9:41 am

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First of all I would like to thank everyone attending. You made the game come alive and bit of the Normandy landings too. Kit was great.

Secondly I would like to thank all fellow organisers and all the helping hands as already mentioned. A special thank you to Callum and Russel for setting-up the German HQ which looked amazing. It never received the centre of attention as planned. We do not even have pictures. 

A big sorry for the radio failure which hit the German side most I think. I was trying to coordinate small pockets of resistance. Units were on their own and if there would not have been Martin (biggggg thank you) for delivering orders and keeping the guns firing. It would have been a disaster. PS: Your bike would have been a blessing.  :whistle:
The Kueblewagen was a massive help to at least visit a unit once in a while and getting supplies. Thanks Dave and his crew.
Apologies again to all German units that had a slow start. I had meant to make the morning more interesting with more communication etc.

At the end trying to command the Germans, I started thinking how it must have been on the day. Communication failing left right and centre due to bombing, French resistance etc. Or units not responding as they might have already been taken out and the enemy showing up not as planned.
I felt like I had it all with no choice left than trying to make the best of it.
Best memory of the day trying to defend the new HQ at the pill box. Telephoning, under heavy fire from all sides, for reinforcement (that never arrived)….. Almost like Mayor Pluskat in the bunker in “the longest day”.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day anyway….Lessons learned and off to the next one.

Posted : 20/09/2016 10:25 am

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Can someone write up and an After Action Report please? :D It would be great to hear what was happening elsewhere during the day.

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Posted : 21/09/2016 11:54 am

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Well what a day!

As our first WW2 airsoft event, we all have said what a fantastic day's airsofting it was. (One of the best ever!). We also want to thank everyone on Friday and Saturday that came and said hello, we were made to feel very welcome!

The scenario really showed how hard the organisers had worked, the objectives were rolling, and it always felt like part of a bigger campaign. The standard of play was fantastic, great sportsmanship, and attitude all round. On of the friendliest bunch around. I liked the ammo limits kept the game flowing, allowing people to maneuver effectively.

Everyones kit looked great, Pictures look fantastic. i cant believe my .30cal lasted all day!

Thanks to everyone again!

Posted : 21/09/2016 2:21 pm

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