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I'm bored. So just wondering who likes to portray what:

When we were a Kingdom it was run by a King
When we were an Empire it was run by an Empress
Now we're a country we're run by a..........

Posted : 24/12/2006 5:55 pm
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Well, I've only got one..... Heer of course!

You've got nothing to ein, zwei, drei, vier

Posted : 14/03/2007 2:39 pm
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Well, I've only got one..... Heer of course!

i only have one also - my Fallschirmjager, but no doubt I'll be buying others :wink:

Posted : 14/03/2007 4:02 pm
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Well My absolute Fvourate is Heer Panzer. But I have bits to do quite a lot, Including Kriegsmarine U Boat Officer :D

Posted : 14/03/2007 4:18 pm
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Heer is my regular turn out but like many others as a re-enactor first I have many others. 4 Brit, 2 yank and about 8 German. God knows when I'll ever wear them but once the bug bites...

aka Stigroadie

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Posted : 15/03/2007 7:28 am
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27 Panzer
Black panzer wraps with tan and water camo Stalhelm and smock

Posted : 15/03/2007 9:48 am
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er... Chindit? lol

soz... just had to...

Posted : 15/03/2007 10:01 am
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Why did you Chin It? was it behaving in a disorderly mannor, or did you just want a fight? And use propper gramour you heathen englander

Posted : 15/03/2007 10:22 am
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waffen ss with oak A camo tunic rather than smock ( lets me bling it up with insignia etc, next is Gebirgjager in hbt (wool is too warm) and then british commando as wallet allows.

Vorsprung durch Blitzkreig !
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Posted : 15/03/2007 1:30 pm
Joseph Porta
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Heres what weve got,

A Gregory, Black panzer uniform, MP40 (thompson backup) Mauser pistol
P Gregory, Black panzer uniform, MP40 (thompson backup)
we will both have belts with 1 mp40 pouch each and m43 caps.
(90% sure well have Hohenstaufen cuffs on the day)

P Davis, german uniform, (provideded by stubblehopper) thompson.
I Shaw, german uniform, (provideded by stubblehopper) g3/(g43)

Once again many thanks for the uniform loan.

we wil be coming on saterday night to stay, so we can talk kit/tactics and get our admin sorted for the day.

were all looking forward to it, and are happy to serve and obay orders in "the spirt of the game" the roleplay/airsoft mix is perfect for us :D

we certanly wont mind being shouted at and ordered about.

hope this helps, any more questions plz pm me

A Gregory

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Posted : 16/03/2007 3:52 pm
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27 Panzer
Black panzer wraps with tan and water camo Stalhelm and smock

Man after my own heart ! I'm 27th P Pzrs all the way . M36s Feldgrau FTW !

Posted : 20/03/2007 10:05 am