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[Sticky] And many thanks

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Just a brief word from me to say thanks to all who came to Ariel . The standards of kit, commitment, fair play and general good fun was superb on both sides.

On the Geman side, big cheers to all for the sterling efforts put in . Not a single complaint for being asked to guard positions for hours , wander miles in the heat , or carry and errect mortars , sentry boxes and the hundreds of other bits of kit . Special mention to Che for being a competant officer ( and hopefully see you "going Airfix" *more in the future ) , the Blaggers for getting on with whatever job they were asked , and the Pioneers for keeping on with mending repairng and sorting our equipment . Also good to see PD at one of our events at last .

Did we win ? Er ......sort of maybe ..? We established our base and secured the railway lines. The Tommies proved to be more resilient than we have expected, causing us more problems than we thought. We did suceed in capturing a number of them throughout the day and quite a few as they fled. In the end France belongs to the Reich so does it matter that a few ran away ?

* see below

Topic starter Posted : 05/07/2009 6:53 pm

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We did succeed in capturing a number of them throughout the day and quite a few as they fled. In the end France belongs to the Reich so does it matter that a few ran away ?

We'll get back to you on that in four years or so. :wink:

However it was cracking fun, and a great set of chaps to have cracking fun with as I have grown to expect now - or even demand.

Many thanks for letting me have an outing in my Polish uniform :pompom: , even if it is now EXCEEDINGLY mucky from multiple scurrying away from Germans. :twisted:

However I made it back to Britain and received some kind of military bumf about joining the Cichociemni...

So I might be seeing you before your four years are up! :twisted:

Posted : 05/07/2009 7:06 pm

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Thanks to all, had a great day - bit sweaty and knackered though!

The site was fantastic so thanks to them for letting CIA use it.

The lunch was very nice so compliments to the cook and to those who lugged food and drink to us.

My personal favourite bit was when seven of us net back at regen, Major Chommers was out getting stuck in somewhere and we decided to go to the noisiest bit together, the railway. We split into two groups and the group I was with tried to make progress on the railway itself. Frustrated with slow progress we charged, only for me to get shot within ten yards. On the floor, "STRETCHER BEARER" - then a cheeky german ran out and shot my helmet twice - thats me dead then...but he ran down the track and our lads shot him in the back - great death - one sprawled german. Nice one lads. (long walk for me though!)

I was really happy with the lower ammo limit, I used about a hundred all day on a bolt action. The brits running dry on the SMGs near the end was great - its not often you ask if people have rounds for covering fire and a sea of faces say - I'm dry! made for a hasty get away for those wo still lived!

Peter Rabbit - Tank Killer

Posted : 05/07/2009 7:07 pm

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Back home and showered now.

Excellent day, especially the morning, sneaking around and evading, proving you can hide in a bright blue suit. I even enjoyed the afternoon, despite a wallop to the schnoz, thanks PD & Guy for looking after me. I had a nice stay with complimentary coffee :good: in the Jerry CP (I don't know what that Churchill cap is on about, they seemed a decent bunch :wink: ). I had great fun being an RAF pilot for the day, :D (I thinkit's time we started an RAF group, chaps). I got a bit confused when it turned out the CO was holding the map upside down, but I made it across the railway line before I decided to retire due to an oozing noze wound.

Time for a curry and a lager.



Posted : 05/07/2009 7:28 pm

Helga Geerhart
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Agreed wools and heat isn't the best mix in the world (nor the layering undering I had to do), still I managed not to get heat exhaustion :good: and it doesn't seem half as bad now I'm home changed, bathed etc (sure I was several shades of purple today though :oops: )

Top social :good: top day, really liked having the focused missions it made re-finding your squad if you were headed off enroute/regen so much easier as you knew where they would be :good: Many thanks to Steiner for lending me the MP40 :good:

Tired, but lookin forward to seeing the pictures :good: :rofl:

Helga as Helmut has been hidden back in the closet :lol:

Posted : 05/07/2009 8:02 pm

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Excellent day again, nice to put some more faces to names and great to see the smoke being used so extensively & well..looking forward to the photos..

Posted : 05/07/2009 8:11 pm

dave barrett
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What a blinding day loved it all,And many thanks to you to :D


Posted : 05/07/2009 8:18 pm

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that was a good day, generous fair play on both sides.... i took a hit on the bayonet scabbard and walked, witnessed a jerry( no idea who) get a brit dead cold and let him walk without bang kill or shot to the body /legs. the morning roving was great, who would think wandering through the woods without really doing anything could be so atmospheric and engrossing!!!!! :rofl: the food was lovely, the site is a cherry, a delight to play at. thanks to headshot, jay, guy, and dave, and the whole cia infrastruture, it was a pleasure to play. kit was awsome, people were the cream .just one thing though..... if we didnt trip the ambush. thats the germans problem not ours....... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

role on the next one
( thanks to, stoff for the big bayonet. sorry i lost your grenade.)

Posted : 05/07/2009 8:27 pm

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:good: Top day and as always top people :good:

Danke CiA Top Brass

Special thank you to Helga for the grub
and the Blaggers for late supper :good:


Posted : 05/07/2009 8:31 pm

Illustrious Member Admin

100% performance from the Brits - I couldn't have been more chuffed. They hung on very word, followed every command, got stuck in when they had to, held back when they didn't.
I have never EVER seen such sweaty men and women (in airsoft anyway) and yet despite the humidity and heat still chugged round the site with a mountain load of kit until we reached a safe haven.
Not a grumble of word of complaint, heads down and get the job done. Absolute blinder chaps.

Mercifully no barnies or hit calling or rule breaking/forgetting or arsyness from either side - nor should there have been. Both sides were on best behaviour and my god did it make it fun. What we ended up with pure man on man action (admittedly woman on woman was somewhat more interesting) errr.... What we ended up with was players challenging themselves to out-perform their enemies, whether that be by stealth, brains or brawn and no one settling for :ghey: stand-off firefights :good:

Interestingly the healthy mix of bolt actions on BOTH sides made a huge difference and what SMGs there were didn't unbalance play in the slightest.

Thanks to Alex for letting us abuse his great site, lunch in the field hit the spot (although Webby and Carly outshone us with their spread of Brie, baguette, grapes and wine :lol: ), Helga for feeding those that needed feeding, chaps that stayed behind to help with the clear up, and all players for giving more than might reasonably expected for what turned out to be a tough and physically demanding event.

There could be no winners for this one - there were tasks to be done for sure and I hope everyone felt they achieved something and weren't on the back foot from the off. The ebb and flow worked well and we got to use all of the site at some time or other. Brits managed to get 11 out of the remaining 19 to escape the clutches of the Germans (although a horrendous cockup on the map front meant 8 were needlessly destined for the comfort of jerry POW camps :roll: ) . Hope the 11 got to the coast OK!

Posted : 05/07/2009 8:34 pm

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I'd like to add my thanks to all of the CiA organisers and supporters. This was my first CiA event and convinced me beyond reason that it will not be my last.
My thanks to the players as well. Stirling gameplay from both sides all day. Hosting it all was totally my pleasure and I'm glad the food went down well too.
I've peeled off the wool BD, showered and ready for work tomorrow. Now, how to explain the great welt on my forehead...

Posted : 05/07/2009 8:57 pm

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as usual big thanks to CIA boys for another cracking event i know it takes up alot of there time.i had realy great time as a officer going airfix rocks cheers to guy and jay for putting up with me . :good:

theres nowt so Permanent as temporary

Posted : 05/07/2009 9:05 pm

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Thanks all. Realy good day. Very hot and humid.

Hats off to the Brits - I did a fair amount of running and was sweaty and exhausted but nothing near the amount of running around I saw you guys doing.

Nice to have Webby get that close and not grenade me or shoot me point blank with a pistol :lol:

Now home with beer in hand and will sleep well tonight!

Posted : 05/07/2009 9:06 pm

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sorry i forgot to say big thanks to carl and jon m for digging the mg nest in that heat well done lads :shock:

theres nowt so Permanent as temporary

Posted : 05/07/2009 9:17 pm

john outram
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awesome day lads and lasses :good: .hats off to the brits for there tireless work :good: .the food was great :good: .i feel like i have run a marathon so early night for me.
did somebody mention something about zelts :rofl:

Posted : 05/07/2009 9:29 pm

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Thanks all for a great day.

Especially to my squad, Pete, Stu, Ranj, Steve and Ramsay. Steve had a bit of a hefty tumble in the afternoon and had to step out of the game, so I hope you're ok Steve.

We were compromised from the off realising that Germans had entered the area that we were trying to leave to get to the coast, and they started moving into our escape route we had to go to ground and try to evade capture. Unfortunately we got hemmed in too close to the railway line they were reconstructing and made contact. A brief flurry of activity later we found ourselves with two prisoners and could hear more fighting off to the north east so decided to see if we could hook up with any more Brits who were left behind. We found them engaging a rapidly re-enforcing German force and made for their CP for some well deserved grub and much needed medical attention.

Posted : 05/07/2009 9:55 pm

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What a brilliant game. Reasons? Top quality organising, both before and during the game. Interesting scenarios - the mine / booby trap clearing was great fun. I liked the "squad" concept, and reporting back to the c/o let you know you were in the right place. Top quality players on both sides - no whinging, no moaning, just a fantastic day out. Thanks to Chommers for tent lendage, thanks to all the organisers for putting on what I think is my favourite ever event - and I have had many hours of travelling to think about it. Thanks to Stof and Paula for driving me there and back. Thanks to Dave B for the lovely breakfast. :good: Great site. Thanks to Tyreal and the cooker of the lovely food.

My only constructive criticism - lunch break a little too long! We were champing at the bit to get back in action!

And thanks to the poster provider - I've got a super Jerry propaganda poster - the German soldier holding the French child aloft - "we are your friends!" :lol:

You've got nothing to ein, zwei, drei, vier

Posted : 05/07/2009 11:00 pm

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What an awesome day ! My thanks to everyone ,the organisers did an outstanding job setting out the site ,the site itself is excellent ,the gameplay was outstanding ,food was very very welcome,so was the break from carrying all that kit around ! Chomley Warner was excellent as our commander ,clear precise orders and acting on the patrol reports.If ever a game subspended the disbelief it was this one.
I don't think I have ever sweated so much ,and to echo John - I feel like I have run a marathon.And now I shall spend the next couple of days picking thorns out of my knees.
Thanks everyone for making my wife Paula so welcome ,and thanks everyone for the tremendous company and comaraderie.
I have made it to the coast and am now going to rest until the next campaign.

Posted : 06/07/2009 7:55 am

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Was nice to see the game from a different perspective for a change, one which I'm sure you saw at Saint Lo Chomley.

Good to see people getting stuck in, and plenty of long range kills from both the brits and the Germans, made for some intense rifle fire exchange (because lets face it thats a lot of what WWII was about!)

I've got some interesting photos, mainly of the Germans though, (as they weren't the ones who were shooting at me) I think Carly got a lot of the Brits with Tyreal's camera!

Well played to everybody, I didn't know what all the fuss about being too hot was, mind you I was wearing a very thin cotton shirt and cotton trousers! ;)

I'll post the pics up at lunchtime!

*must work on french accent more*

Posted : 06/07/2009 8:27 am

Illustrious Member Admin

If ever a game suspended the disbelief it was this one.

Exactly the words we wanted to hear Stof. :good:

I have made it to the coast and am now going to rest until the next campaign.

Send the rest of us a Red Cross parcel when you get back then, we'll let you know the address of our POW camp when we can! Jerry generally being OK to us at the moment although I was treated rather harshly at gunpoint on capture and I expect further interrogation when leather coats get here.

Posted : 06/07/2009 8:28 am

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