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Hi all, so...I have internet back and my admin is Caput!! I have over 90 paid on my master list and no idea with all the emails and paypal how to update the list.
In short I have an off line master list, so if you have paid or bought a ticket off someone,, I will have a record of it;)

The Germans are back in the game big time with more on sat than Sunday so ALL bookings have been re-opened to all UNTIL Wednesday 14 November. After that you will have to pay on the gate at the full ticket price.

Site visit update.

Holy fookydoodles this site is massive! We could have 200 on site and guys would still get lost.
Objectives will get updated next week but it will feature 9 CPs in the field. This will NOT be a none stop fight as the site is too big, but will give us a great opportunities for long recce and co-ordinated assaults. Niether side will be expected to just dig in but with the numbers we have and vehicles in the field this will be Epic!!

Camping and fires are ok, we have a huge field which is about 4 acres for car park and tents. I have done this event cheap to get the numbers (normally £65 - £85) and it’s paid off as final numbers could be anything up to and over 120 on site. Shame so many are missing from the field, we could have hit 150! And still got swallowed up by the size of the site

AT and mortar’s will rock here, artillery will be set up for the next visit as I have found a field perfect for trenching and howitzer emplacements.

Water - stand pipe on site!
Power – we will provide
RUBBISH – the owner is dealing with it for extra £s.
Food – self catering

Camps, there will be 3 camps for those that want to live it Axis or Allies and a plastic area. You can even set up next to your car;)

Friday from 1pm on!
Sat - you MUST be on site for 9am or you will let everyone down by not being ready to move out after the 9.30 brief.
Crono - Everone MUST get crono so you know what you rifle is firing at.

FPS limits are up to and not exceeding (with a .2g bb).
AEG deployed MG - 370fps
Single shot rifle/Bolt action rifle - 370fps (this includes aeg)
Bolt action rifles 500 fps (sniper/sharp shooter)
Anything over 370fps will have a 30m engagement.

Heer Schmidt

Topic starter Posted : 09/11/2012 4:46 pm
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Josh, will the three camps be near each other or far away?

Posted : 09/11/2012 4:51 pm
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All in the same field buddy

Heer Schmidt

Topic starter Posted : 09/11/2012 10:24 pm