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U S shirt

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Hi all
My predicament is due to my health I am more susceptible to dehydrate during a game running around with to much kit on (example is having a t shirt on under a wool shirt due to the wool shirt making me itch.) this I found at the last game a bad idea for me so I'm just asking as I noticed that some of the infantry & rangers were not wearing wool shirts but something lighter looking.
Please can someone let me know what as I don't think that just a t shirt will look the part & if that was the case I wouldn't be able to take m41 jacket off which would put me back to my predicament of getting to hot & then dehydrating.

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2017 9:37 am
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I just wore a green t-shirt with a m41 mate.

Posted : 25/05/2017 2:43 pm
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I just bought a green military shirt from " Britishmilitarysurplus" on eBay, I'll let you know if it's any good when I get it. It looks ok in the pics but we'll see.

Posted : 27/05/2017 9:29 pm
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Got the shirt, the right colour, the right style, mostly polyester with cotton, lightweight will pass easily for US shirt.

Posted : 02/06/2017 8:57 pm
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A few of my friends and I have this below, Peter...

Collarless Shirt: [link][/link]

We tend to use it on our British Airborne uniforms mind, but I guess it could be used for Americans're not going to see it the majority of the time but it looks the part. Its comfortable too so no more worrying about itchy wool :P


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Posted : 08/06/2017 5:40 pm